Leaving DeafRead

After reading Patti Durr’s blog this morning, I made up my mind and will join Patti in leaving DeafRead. It was not easy decision but I simply can’t support DeafRead’s mission and vision anymore after watching them approving bashing and destructive v/blogs. That is NOT how the Deaf community works.

Reference: Patti Durr’s blog “Im outta here – adios and be well”


  • KH 16 years ago

    hi I undersand exactly how you feel about this deafread. As it is mentioned about the freedom of speech but remember we all have our limitation next to freedom. what is more.. everyone of us need to see something good in everyone else. not back stabbing, faultfinding,,intend to hurt others or be destructive and etc….. over look their faults …. love yourself as you love others is the most important . sorry to hear you have to leave the deafread. hope things will go much better at the deafread..:) take care KH

  • sarah 16 years ago

    Bravo…Good for You!! I am subscribing to your list now…

  • Lisa C. 16 years ago

    I feel same way as Abbie. I subscribed your post and look forward to your more posts.
    Thank you again for helping me find my husband’s former class mate, Gary whom he hadn’t seen in a long time. They keep in touch via vp that makes my heart smile.

  • Nancy 16 years ago

    Joey, so happy you are getting out of deaf read.
    I’m not exactly sure which link you are going to use, so kindly send me something that i can access to subscribe.


  • Sean Gerlis 16 years ago


    As a devoted subscriber to your vlogs/blogs – it saddens me to learn you are stepping out from Deafread due to petty actions from other people.

    I want to share a widsom with you, do not allow other crabs pull you down when you are trying to get out of the tank.

    Another saying – “ATNA” Always Talk, Never Act – it’s something we need to address with other people and encourage them to join to their respectful groups (or organizations) to promote the “betterism” for tomorrow, rather allowing them venting their rants without backing their actions.

    Joey, again, please do not let other people pull you down. Also, I have got my share too, but I’m not going to let them pull me down either.

    Warm regards,


  • DonG 16 years ago

    Hi Joey —

    I’m sad to see you go, but at least I know I will find your vlogs when you send out the notice through email. But it looks more and more like DeafRead will become a subsidiary of DeafVillage, and that makes me sad. I want to see a new, Deaf-centered aggregator that will provide us with a safe place to express OUR voice. I’m willing to host one through my webhost, if anybody is willing to offer their time for designing the website. I’m almost ready to give up on DeafRead myself, but I feel that I have to keep fighting, to be sure that OUR voice and hands is heard and seen…

  • Robin Wood 16 years ago

    Yes, I do have to agree with you , Joey, it has been becoming more and more negativity going on lately like namecalling,and also you and Patti leaving Deaf Read might hopefully help some of the others or organizations, also vloggers and bloggers clean up their acts! Keep continuing doing the good work !

  • John Mans 16 years ago

    I strongly agree with you to concern about unnecssarcy to provoke or bash other Deaf people, who love or stand up or support for DBC. I feel sorry for other Deaf people lost the opportuinty to read many good Deaf people’s blogs and vlogs. I already have to access the subscribe. I look forward to seeing your next blog or vlog in the future.

  • David 16 years ago

    I’m glad you are supporting Patti. I hope Sprint will withdraw their sponsorship of DeafRead as well. I also subscribed to your vlog, so I can still get it. We should establish a new blog/vlog site that will not allow the negative and hate that has taken over DeafRead.

  • RLM 16 years ago


    I regret to see you leaving the DeafRead which you have the right to send a real strong message to the DR aggretators and editors.

    I was kinda upset about the real ugly “soap opera” bickerings for days. i did have the same thoughts about leaving the DR few days ago and other time.

    Well, I believe that is kind of issue about the generational difference where people of its cohorts (different generations of its time) have different perspectives how to conduct socially and express their thoughts.

    That is kind of temporary phase for every of us how we did to each other (deaf people). DR perhaps will go back to the normal stage as everyone move on.

    Yes, how sad about the real dangers of online world where someone could alter or penerate other individual or organization’s reputation in just few minutes for many and many people to asborb the destructive intent of someone else.

    I guess that I could be sometimes controvestial myself from time to time. I have to think carefully what I would do next is to restrain myself without blowing up things away.

    I have to say that is kinda entertaining to see someone acting that way and learn something about any particular individual.

    I always look forward to your vlog postings. Long live, Joey Baer.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  • Terri Levine 16 years ago

    I used to pull up deafread with excitement anticipating lots of interesting inputs, supports and so forth. Now, when I see what’s there, I wince more often than not at the bashings. It breaks my heart to see this going on now. Nonetheless, your wise decision to leave is called for. You have my undying support and i look forward to more educational and interesting vlogs you have to share!! : )

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    This is a quick message to let u know that I will respond to some of comments above in few hours. I didn’t want u to think I am ignoring you but I am away from the computer for while at this moment. Thanks to all!

  • Diane 16 years ago

    I agree with you — Many don’t understand the true meaning of the free of speech . It is okay to disagree, but DO NOT insult, bash, and devalve the experiences or opinions of others. I am very sad this has gotten worse. I’ll just sit back and watch the v/blogs. Let’s hope we unite again in the near future. I have enjoyed your vlogs. See you around.

  • Elizabeth 16 years ago

    I am sad to see your decision to leave Deafread… You have sent many waves of inspiration to people who visited Deafread in the past. Deaf people from all walks of life around the world and parents of deaf children interested in learning about sign language and Deaf culture. Please find a way to keep your blog and vlog visible on the web so that it is easy for them to find you.

    A thought… what about Deafside? The blog/vlog aggregator that was going to be created by Deafread? Why didn’t that come through? Was it just the name of the website that wasn’t appealing? Or was there lack of interest from the deaf community to build that website? Maybe now is the time to do it?

    Thank you for what you have done to inspire the deaf community. Please keep it up and I look forward to checking your blog from time to time!

  • LLoreen Juhasz 16 years ago

    Hi Joey,

    I always enjoy watching you to discuss in positive ways. I like the positive thoughts and learn new information. I am Canadian.

    I understood why you left deafread. Hope others to realize why it happened.

    I want to add my list to your subscription.

  • Nancy Carroll 16 years ago

    I am really appalled at the recent turn in the direction of DeafRead. I have been so busy the past few months that I was not aware of what was transpiring until a few days ago. It is sickening when the focus is not on issues but the bashing of individuals. Unity does not mean uniformity but finding ways to live with the disagreements that will always be with us. I have nothing but great admiration for Ella, DE and others for having the courage to explore territorities that no one dared enter. I remain inspired by their work and will ignore those who can’t see the big picture.

  • cnkatz 16 years ago

    DeafRead is an aggregator and they could not control the comments made on blogs they don’t have access into. They stick to the guidelines when filtering blog posts coming in.

    I do not understand why people quit DeafRead other than only ONE reason. A symbolic point they want to make.

    FYI, comments made on blogs everywhere else are often more nastier than what I see in deaf blogsphere. People in/out of DeafRead should stick to their signing and typing guns!

    I am not sure how to interpret backing out of DeafRead should mean. Just symbolic or more than that?

  • Shelley 16 years ago


    I understand all too well. When you said the other day that you did not feel safe anywhere in the blogosphere, I took that to heart and have NOT forgotten that comment.

    I agree with Don Grushkin that the best thing to do is create a new website that has a deaf center and is safe for all of us.

    I, too, am considering leaving DeafRead as it has become a truly toxic place to go.


  • observer 16 years ago

    Katz, I’m sorry. I disagree – DeafRead is not following its own guideines. They often don’t. For example, why was Vess’ blog attacking Ella allowed through? That’s a clear violation of their Guideline #8, found here: http://www.deafread.com/guidelines/

    We need either a new Deaf-centered aggregator or we need to work with Tayler to clean up DeafRead.

    You’re right that the editors can’t control comments, but they can and should control what gets published on the front page. Some individual bloggers need to take more responsibility on their own sites and not allow comments that attack people.

  • todoslavie 16 years ago

    Just added my name to your subscriber list! 🙂

  • drmzz 16 years ago

    Hi Joey, I figured this day will come. No surprise, all considering but very unfortunate. You inspired us in so many ways and even for myself to become a vlogger in early 2007 because of you. Considering the fact that we come from the same hometown but we do not know each other very well, you provided me an inspiration to vlog my thoughts with the Deaf blogsphere with goals to achieve for higher standards of living. Over time we become familiar with each other and we had good time at DeafRead Conference last February, inspired to do another year of vlogging. Unfortunately, these days in DR, I’m too angry, annoyed, and disgusted to partake into any discussions or sharing my vlogs. It is not worth it at all. Cheers to you Joey Baer for the inspiring and rocky ride u gave us all these time as ASL vlogger!

    Ben Vess, do us a favor and don’t make promises here. Just go away and leave us alone in peace here. This is about Joey not you.

  • Shelley 16 years ago


    I share your sentiments, especially after DBC which I enjoyed immensely.

    I have much to share about my experiences, but the atmosphere there is too poisonous.

    The destructive criticisms have become too overwhelming.

    Joey, I would like to put myself on your subscriber list.


  • Rob 16 years ago

    To no. 11 (A Friendly Person)

    That is a pretty very tall order. Unrealistic at best. People are usually passionate about something and would be very defensive of their positions, if any. It is easy to talk or discuss with someone about something, until you hit on a nerve or two unexpectedly and people will respond with very strong feelings. Sometimes, the language or certain wordings can be greatly misinterpreted as something offensive or uncomfortable. That’s why low-level state diplomats goes over word for word on documents and treaties between foreign nations. One wrong or misinterpreted wording or phrase could mean an act of hostility or war between nations.

    To suggest sharing and discussing something without emotions involved is practically impossible with common folks of average or lesser intelligence but not impossible with people of higher intelligence.

    An old saying from a friend of mine told me of this a long time ago and it rings true to this day: “Great minds discuss and exchange ideas. Average minds talk about events. Small minds talk about people.” Heh.

  • Shelley 16 years ago

    I made my earlier comments before viewing your vlog.

    I agree with every word you signed.

    What I would really like to see is a place where we ALL can meet that is safe to discuss all the things we wish to discuss, with our eye on the prize.

    You know what is ironic?

    I just purchased a new webcam so I could start vlogging again, and yet, I am pondering my decision to stay or depart DeafRead…

    If Don or someone else sets up a website or aggregate that is truly safe, I’d be one of the first people to show up!


    PS: I just added myself to your subscriber’s list

  • observer 16 years ago

    Shel, and others, I strongly encourage you guys to go ahead and blog/vlog… but save as draft until you decide whether/where you want to publish.

  • Shelley 16 years ago

    Don G.

    You made a valid point about not giving up and making sure our “voice” and hands are heard (seen). I will think some more on this.

    One thing is certain: DeafRead CANNOT go on the way it is going right now. People have to STOP treating people with such blatant lack of respect.


  • Shelley 16 years ago


    I will take your advice. But I will definitely THINK hard on my next move.

    Will the leaving of people change the tone of DR?

    Judging from the comments of certain people that I will NOT mention, I’m not so sure.


  • Davy 16 years ago


    The Deaf people several out there that I will miss out by educational those who want withdrawn as not good ……….for those who want eager to grow together with knowledge build up.

    I wish for your best luck your life and your family.
    Take a break like a vacation and think it about for while as bring your engery back …. I hope. If not then I want to say thank you for your time on your Vlog on anything your subject.

    Take care.

  • JFLMad 16 years ago

    totally 100% agreed!!

    DR editors bend too many rules and never follow their own guidelines.

    I might as well join with you and the others to leave from DeadRead for good

  • Marcus Jaboneta 16 years ago


    You are 100% correct about deaf read. I feel somewhat horrible after I read some their negative responses. It is simply wasting our time. I have to say cynicism is a lousy strategy to our deaf world.

    I also think optimists are the only realists, because only optimists see the future in terms of “what might be,” as opposed to cynics and pessimists who only see “what can’t be.” Moreover, what is the future if not the realm of possibility?

    Cynicism is our “cancer” and it is time to remove it!


  • Dino 16 years ago

    I honestly don’t blame you. I have warned Taylor several times for the last 8 months like how you have expressed your concerns at SF. I was there and Taylor seem to agree but never acted seriously on this issue. I still don’t feel safe if I want to express my experiences growing up deaf, business, etc. There isn’t any “TERMS of SERVICE” policy on Deaf Read and Deaf Video like most sites do have.

    DR is a great concept but it’s not the business model I want to see. It’s too late to clean it up and regain the success they had previously. Sprint wrote a check of $30,000 per site per year. Sprint could have done better in MARKETING! I wish Sprint could set up $30,000 prize money for annual Deaf Basketball Championship, $30,000 for Deaf Softball Championship, etc. which brings our culture closer than ever. That’s Marketing 101!

    Freedom of Speech is one thing and it has to be respected at all times. Bashing, degrading remarks, etc is not a FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I’m running a Deaf Adult Websites which produce a FREE SPEECH and I’ve been fortunate that this has been respected highly. If people don’t like it, leave as it is. That’s Freedom.

    It’s a noble thing of you, Joey, to leave DR to set an example how important to make it happen whatever we need for our culture to succeed at last!


  • Rocky Finley 16 years ago

    You made a right decision to leave deafread.We surely don’t need to know any of the negative phases from them.
    Keep up with your positive inspirations on your vlog!

  • CoachCreech 16 years ago

    Hey! I want to say that I noticed you followed what other people say about negative and positive and you decided to leave early because of no support for you… Well what I have on my mind is that you should not be worry about what other people say negative things about you because the words that they used will not make you bleed! You should move on and make more vlog on yourself and not worry about what other people say about you… No one judge what you saying, but only GOD say it!!! please continue what you doing and NEVER give up your hope! If you dream what you want then you should move on! One day you won’t regret it for what you have done! A lot of people have insult that South Carolina are low function but know what I will never never never give it up and prove people WRONG!!!

  • deafk 16 years ago

    I m not sure whether my comment went through or not. I wanted to say that I am sorry to see this. I did not read the other messages like you did.. it was like hit or miss. i agree that the freedom of speech should be under control in a way.

  • Roger Smedman 16 years ago

    I see it’s sad about the deafread that taste bad. I think of Think Globally, Act Locally in your issue … I look in future deaf commuity and gather the support that need our deaf leadership . join to help each other .,not in Deaf read way

  • SDA 16 years ago

    Dear Joey,
    Having been a long-time supporter of your site, I sure find your departure from DeafRead unfortunate. However, you have my full support. I totally understand your decision. You’ve been on my RSS feed and I am on your subscription already. 🙂 I look forward to your future posts.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Brance, your video comment to Joey is heartfelt. I understand what you are trying to say but I think I understand Joey’s decision. I cannot speak for him but putting myself in his shoes, I probably would do the same thing. It is not about trying to weather through the “fire” for the sake of supporting other good bloggers/ vloggers. I would leave in order to preserve my integrity, rather than to continue to enable the DeafRead’s unhealthy approach in allowing those unacceptable mud-slinging.

  • Starbeam227 16 years ago


    I don’t want to see you leave… I’ll admit it.

    Deafread, as imperfect as it is, is still a place were we share ideas and learn from each other and that, I feel is the most important qualify of DR… I realize that there are things that need to improve – for instance, better moderation from the human editors… Hopefully with your announcement they will take notice and take their jobs more seriously.

    However, for every negative comment, there are 10 positive ones… being human, we tend to focus on the negative ones and take those personally because those hurt the most.

    Overall, with everything that has happened in the past two weeks I will admit that my bubble as been burst with DBC – while I support the concept – I disagree with some of the actions of the core committee. The most hurtful one being the lack of presence/refutation from the DBC core commitee during this painful time. That was not a deed done by the mudslingers but the DBC leaders themselves.

    But things happen for a reason.

    I still believe in ASL exposure for deaf babies and bilingual deaf education – that never faltered… I have a much different perspective now, and understanding of the mistakes made, a clearer vision of what needs to be done and how to act from here on out, I feel more clarity to act from now to the future, how to learn from the everything and change our tactics henceforth so that we may be *successful* by learning from these mistakes. This would not be possible without deafread. I’ve learned from members of AG Bell on this site, I’ve learned from insiders, I’ve learned from outsiders, I’ve learned from naysayers and yeasayers… I’ve learned from everyone, – including you! I take this information and use it as part of my overall knowledge – without which I’d be just dim and naive.

    Joey – I want you to reconsider. I’ve subscribed just in case you do actually leave… but I’m optimistic you may one day change your mind. Your vlog and Patti Durr’s vlog are just TOOOOO important!

    In times like these I can only call forth one of my mother’s – and now mine – favorite quotes – Iligitimus non carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Hint: Bastards are everywhere. Hold your head high and keep on doing what you do best and continue being an inspiration to the rest of us. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    Yours and Patti Durr’s Vlogs have always been a shining light even when the dust is too dense through which to see clearly – we need you here.

    I hereby revolt against your leaving. Patti Durr, too. Boooooo!!!!!

    Please reconsider for the greater good.

    With admiration,

    p.s. Ben Vess, you piss me off sometimes but grrrrr, you too, stay… if nothing else, you force us all to *think!*. #$%(7^$@

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    First of all, THANK YOU for you kind words. It is important to emphasize that the decision is very PERSONAL. I will not say if you should stay or leave DeafRead because it is a personal decision of yours.

    After I read each comment (and one great video response) carefully, I decided I will do a follow up vlog tomorrow afternoon. But I am going to type some thoughts here.

    Sean (#9) – I am not letting any people pull me down. I am talking about Deaf Read and how they approve b/vlogs. I simply do not agree on how they handle it. I strongly believe they need to revisit their guidelines AND human editors.

    Cnkatz (#23) – Observer (#27) already answered it for me. I have problem with some of the postings they approved. When you said you have seen worse in the blogsphere, why can’t Deaf people be smarter than those hearing blogs? We can do much better than that. Other important reminder – our Deaf community is much smaller and we are not hearing people. We are our own community!

    Shelley (#25 and few others) – thanks for your comments and I’m so glad that you were inspried by your DBC conference experience. If you like, feel free and post your vlog here to start with. Email me.

    BJ (#40) – Thanks and I am just closing my door and it is still unlocked. We have many other things to do that needs our attention. (I will discuss in my vlog tomorrow afternoon.)

    Brance (#48) – Your video response was really good one – one of my favorite! See my response above. (#40)



  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    SDA (#51) – I really like how you quote this: “I would leave in order to preserve my integrity, rather than to continue to enable the DeafRead’s unhealthy approach in allowing those unacceptable mud-slinging.” That is exactly how I feel.

    Star (#52) – Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I understand where you are coming from. We’ll see how things go.

  • Edith Holden 16 years ago

    Joey, I agree everything what u said. i understand how you feel. I look forward to see your future posts. I am very sick n tired of seeing vlog posts. and not give up.

    keep up in the future

  • H 16 years ago

    Looks like things are calming down a bit at DR right now. Until now it was horrible down there. It was like some bulls trashing in a china store. I can relate how you felt about DR last a few days. I have thought of doing vlogging but…. (forgive me, Amy) By the way I enjoyed watching your vlogs.

  • Response to 56 16 years ago

    To #56,

    You are very correct.

    Anyone can look at Mishkazena’s post called: ”
    MZ: An Ex-Founding DBC Core Member”, then scroll down to read her comment which she made which is comment #135.

    She is wrong when she makes those accusatons. Very wrong! That is libel and it is wrong.

    After making that comment, she should be removed as a Deaf Read moderator.

  • Patrick 16 years ago

    Hello Joey,

    Losing more and more good vloggers….but I am with you. Look forward to your private vlogs.


  • Platonic's Eye 16 years ago

    Sorry about leaving the Deafread due to excessive bashing to those vloggers and bloggers. I have seen excessive abusive the Freedom of Expression and Thought, For those people who said it is freedom, I do not believe they do know what they talk about at all. In fact, I learn to ignore and not to take hard feeling, Be strong and be firm and stand up for what you believe, That is my attitude. I do not take any serious from those who bash others, Unnessary I agree with Patti Durr. Lost to focus on one issues. Well many of them express very frustration themselves. They waste my time!
    Ignore them and do not pay attention to that crap!

  • Diane 16 years ago

    I am sopport ur side .. I did nt noticed that today I found out ..Big time Common Deaf ways
    Pls be Strong enuffs myself .. too other people..I am bitter them why why why ? very silly
    My deafvideo.tv person errors talking not right .. becuz they are not going there up at DBC first see Education conference , then knew story . thanks
    A have nice night bye

  • Response to 62 16 years ago

    Ben Vess, you are not analysing the situation properly.

    If there are people who are CAUSING the negativity, then it is proper to make comments about them in order to solve the problem.

    If there is a thorn sticking in your foot, then the proper thing to do is remove the thorn.

  • Response to "anon" (#64) 16 years ago

    Actually, the Pilgrims left England because they disagreed with the government. It was a good decision.

    Also, it is not necessary to use an aggregator as a place for the Deaf community to gather. There are other choices, such as FaceBook, which has a better system of building up networks in a way that prevents destructive people from hijacking the dialogue.

  • sir william 16 years ago

    ouch . . .

    i am curious about how you would say about our president Bush. i think he gets alot of bullshitting from most of us. even worse and badder than what we the deaf folks have been doing unto ourselves.

    my gosh. there was a person telling me that my own mother shalt have not bornt me. imagine that. i could have easily run and beat him up. luckily i didn’t as i happen to be a better person than that guy is (was).

    yeah, it is so ugly but just some poor “eXpression outs”. still you shalt look at their opinions and anazlye what get them provoked.

    to me, you are so darn wishy-washy and nothing so direct. what are you wishing to bring us into a higher level with your present position?

    same and same as always, six generations in my family but we are very low keyed and fit into the hearing world just fine. why are you so peeved about the hearing world. as long as you have a swell state job and highly-paid, etc. why look for some kind of more freeloading stuff? the Hearing world does not owe us the deaf anything. we the deaf need to work harder to overcome our own limitations. the hearing persons overcome their own limitations, too. don’t you believe it – huh?

  • MM 16 years ago

    Personally I would never join facebook, you would just get areas where debate would cease, it would just be collections (Including those negatives here, who would set up and still hammer away, or join as friends and start all over again.

    Worse they would set up ‘blacklists’ of contributors. Healthy discourse is vital, if you start setting up ‘areas’, then this cements the fragmentism we are all seeing, back to that famous ‘deaf space’ ? It failed before, how would it work again ? The thing about nastiness and bigotry is you don’t fight it, by going somewhere else and refusing to listen to it, they just carry on elsewhere. Lots of people left the ‘deaf spaces’ that started up initially online because frankly, they were just notice boards, some contention is neccessary to trigger feedback, the trick is the right sort ! there IS great demand to talk, and politics is as contentious as any other subject to talk about even in the hearing world. We should ask, WHO brought politics in to deaf issues anyway ?

    From deaf birth to death there is some deaf issue we are not happy about. When you stop caring you start getting apathetic, and that, is the real killer of the deaf community, you can’t fight that. People disengage, often those with the most relevance to add to things, and the loudest voice can shout all they want then. I suss DR is waiting until the gas bag of very super-heated air, implodes on itself. Most issues tend after a while to lose our interest. (Crossing fingers behind my back !).

    We’ve got sites in the Uk that do just this i.e. offer aggregated access to various bloggers, but they operated moderation too, didn’t want politics in it, the result was next to NO deaf issues are discussed at all, but little input either, it doesn’t engage other deaf. DR is about debating issues, and the input suggests many deaf want this, and at the village too.

    DR has to find a way to moderate out the worst offenders,they already offer, options to ignore the worst, obviously this doesn’t work ! because we WANT to know what is being said. I hope Joey changes his mind, we want moderates to STAY especially those who want things to move ON.

  • Darline 16 years ago


    You have my full support for leaving DeafRead! I have left DR last spring since I did not see any improvement after DR conference last Feb.

    However, I am on your subscriber list and looking forward to continue subscribing your educational, healthy and positive discourses vlogs!

  • Karen Mayes 16 years ago


    I am sorry to hear about your decision, but I understand where you are coming from. I am not going to comment any more since I am not popular on DeafRead.

    I wish you the best.

  • CheryLfromMA 16 years ago

    Hi Joey, please stay…we all need each other…we will survive & heal together….you inspired us 🙂

  • Diane (same as #19) 16 years ago

    This is not Diane # 61 but #19
    Please try to refrain someone’s name here. It is okay to disagree or agree but It’s not worth to blame or “target” someone else here. Let’s work together again. Hang in there.

  • Irene Tunanidas 16 years ago

    July 16, 2008

    Hi Joey…

    I am saddened to hear that you’re leaving DEAFREAD. You have been a great commentator but those who hurt you will answer to God for their actions. We are living in a different world now.
    Move forward to a new venture and I wish you success. Best wishes…

  • Christopher Palaia ("CP") 16 years ago

    A B S O L U T E L Y agree with YOU, my buddy! DeafRead is somewhat UNBELIEVABLE n’ MORE-OF-CRAB-THEORY kind of website! I join with you and PAT!

    Hey, we met many times in the past. We have same friends (DE, Ron Burdett, Etc etc.. Also, your wife grew up with me back in Berkeley & Fremont.. she’s a year older but knew her back then.. wonderful woman!)… Hope we all meet again someday SOON! Keep in touch! U have my 10000000000+% support! I feel the SAME. exactly! This is beyond UNNECESSARY ENOUGH to destroy the TRUE foundation of Deaf Community Family of LOVE!!!

    This has to stop!



  • Karen Mayes 16 years ago

    Heck, I will leave a little longer comment this time and no tomato throwing at me, folks.

    I noticed that DR DID succeed in bringing diversity and unity together… however in different ways. We claim to be for diversity and unity. But in order to bring about unity, we need to understand diversity first. That is where the problems occur… just my perspective and I know some of you won’t agree with me.

    We have our own definitions of what diversity is and I see that we clash over it (diversity = labels). I tis not easy. On DeafRead, I see there are wide range of deaf people particpating and unfortunately, there are some people in pain in need for healing… and DR provides an avenue for some of us to start and continue our healing process.

    Some of us feel more safe while others feel more uncomfortable. Vice versa.

    Well… Have a good day… this week is gonna be hot, hot, hot… and my family is part of swimming pool culture this summer ;o)

  • DonG 16 years ago

    #56 blamed Amy C-E and MZ for their v/blogs as starting all this. But they did not. They were just following the chorus started by “Dr. Hokum”. I posted another blog on how he has a pattern of coming in and causing chaos to suit his own ends, but it seems NOW DeafRead is deciding to censor certain v/blogs, because I have seen nothing new come up since last night, including my own, which was posted around 8 last night. See http://www.deafhooddiscourses.com/?p=37 for this one. He is a truly evil individual who does NOT have our community’s interests at heart, and I want everyone to be aware of it!

  • Yerker Andersson 16 years ago

    Am glad that we are moving to a greater understanding of deaf people in every country. We have to consider the differences BOTH between and within human groups. As long as the diversity within the deaf world is tolerable, ASL and Deaf Culture will remain alive – also as a part of the US Culture.

  • Dianrez 16 years ago

    Brance Long, what a response! I love it and how you said it! Your contribution is also one of my favorites and should be captioned and spread all over DeafRead!

    Thanks for the voice of the Deaf Community–a sane, reasoned and encouraging one that I think is more typical of the DeafRead than the small number of critics.

    Thanks, Joey Baer, for pointing him out, and I do hope you reconsider your leaving. Stay with us, or there won’t be much left if this trend keeps up.

  • debby 16 years ago

    I agree with you. Free Speech does not mean they have the right to hurt others! Sadly, most Deaf people don’t get it. I look foward to seeing you on your Vlog soon.

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Good morning –

    Once again, thanks for your comments (#60-#82) – I have jotted down some new thoughts and will defnitely post other vlog this afternoon. Stay tuned…

  • Judge 16 years ago

    Joey, how have you been doing these days?? Been while since we last spoke re: Giants winning the Super Bowl! 🙂

    I understand you leaving the DeafRead because of the principles you don’t agree. “bashing, destructive, libeling, and etc” are not needed in our DR.

    It is very tough to enforce every blog/vlog with a few DR editors. I believe that they are tired of reading/watching every blog/vlog and they just accept them going through much easier than it used to be. I am sure that they don’t realize how bad it gets. Remember one thing, all DR editors are volunteers.

    Joey, I know that you WILL go back to DeafRead when they are restored to the original purpose.

    Stay in touch!


  • Valarie Tarrence 16 years ago

    Dear Joey,

    I am a hearing subscriber to you Vlog. I have always been able to stay informed thru you vlog and you site has always pointed me to other sites of value and integrety. I value your work as a deaf leader, and as a role model for the youth and for the Deaf community. It saddens me to see you leave, because you have done a wonderful job of keeping the Deaf and the hearing informed and involved.

    What Deafread is doing is just a reflection of what is happening in the world we live in today. It is sad and hurtful to have people bashing you, or attacking you or even trying to destroy your works or your character. But it is true, it happens.

    AS a Black person, I have had to endure racailism that has caused great pain. As a Christian, I found out so called godly people especially those in the church can crucify without winking an eye and then praise God. AS an interpreter, I have experience the negativity from both the profession and the Deaf. But one thing I don’t do is give up or give in. You see God picked you to do this work. It doen’t matter if you do it under Deafread or under another.
    What is important is that you draw strength from God and move forward. You are an important person to the community and they need you. God is you strenght, drawn on it.

  • deafkathy 16 years ago

    First of all, I want to say I am sorry about what’s going on in Deaf cyber world/DeafRead related with bashing/hardship toward the victims, it breaks my heart.

    Giving up/leaving the site is NOT GOING TO SOLVE the PROBLEM! It is a simply SELFISH/QUITTER mode.

    Lastly, I should be giving you a medal for sharing your feelings on how hurtful you are when you see the situation going bad and at the same time you are being a fine gentleman. Please reconsider and make some adjustments to bypass those negative remarks.

    Joey = Just ongoing entrust yourself!

    So long and be looking forward to continue enjoy watching your video clips in your site.

  • Tara (MO) 16 years ago

    I can understand where you are coming from. It is sad that some would go that far, not show any maturity and respect for others. I enjoy your vlogs since day one! 🙂

  • Raphael J. St. Johns 16 years ago

    I have to agree with some of the bloggers here- I do blame this evil man-Dr. H., for the most recent fights.

    This man is every bitter and angrey. He did something that, honestly, would be unthinkable in the Deaf World…he published PRIVATE IM CONVERSATIONS!

    WHAT TYTPE OF PERSON WOULD EVER DO THAT! THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE HAVING CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM WERE UNDER THE GISTS that they could say anything…becuase it is a long established understadning in the Deaf World that they would never be revealed.

    IT showed alot about who “Dr. HoKanan ” really is.

    To Joey:

    I will miss you… you are a insprational figue to me.

    Please take care.

  • Response to Brian L. Mayes (#83) 16 years ago

    To #83,

    John did not make a mistake. He was very correct when he wrote about deficit thinkers. He was simply saying many of the same things that are being said now, which is that we cannot allow a few destructive people to hijack the blogs.

    John did the right thing.

  • John Critser 16 years ago


    I STOPPED making comments on DEAFREAD a few months ago BECAUSE IT WAS TURNING ME INTO A PERSON I ABSOLUTELY DETESTED. It was pulling me into a MOB MENTALITY mode. I argued. I counterpointed. I criticized. I had a WAR going on with Rachel’s blog. Etc, etc.


    DEAFREAD incites mob mentality. DEAFREAD can destroy people who become so engaged in discussions full of negativity, criticism, even cause people to threat others or to make mockery out of others.


    I only like DeafRead because it is easy to navigate to the vlogs I like to see. The set up is friendly to me. BUT THE VLOGS/BLOGS THEMSELVES, it was churning hate among themselves.

    That is why I stopped commenting, because they were not favorable. It was turning me into somebody that I detest and how can I love myself if I comment in DeafRead?

    It’s time to love myself and to love others. I like vlogs like the Ear of My Heart. I like Joey Baer’s ASL Vlog. I like the more pure ones that advocate, not bash. I like Aidan Mack’s vlogs, not the commenting, I don’t have to agree with all the content, but I like her vision. When I made many comments, I became tormented because I hated how the comments were looking, it was defining me as a character, I didn’t want to be that character.

    I contacted Aidan Mack and she reassured and comforted me. I tried contacting Joey Baer, but he is a pretty busy man.


    DeafRead brings on a self-destructive mentality, along with the mob mentality. I’ll still watch my favorite vlogs, but that’s it. I only comment in The Ear of My Heart and Joey Baer’s ASL vlogs. I feel safe commenting in that safe ground.



  • gary a. fitts 16 years ago

    It was good meeting you at DBC, even though not much talking about Deafread, I am aware of what’s happening on Deafread, and lot of people not happy with the ways things goes. My focus is on entertainment, Deaf Anthology uses its senses of humor, not criticism of others, making one-liners, in commentary on issues. It’s not entertainment when anyone felt turned off. Deafread is to showcase our creativity, not our destructiveness. It’s ok to debate, express opinions, but treat other bloggers as you want them to treat you.

  • deafchipmunk 16 years ago


    I understand your concerns about policies that you feel have caused many unhealthy problems among us. I recognize that it is part of your principles. You stand up for what you believe in.

    I understand that you have no choice but to leave DR.

    I hope the decision of Patti and you will make all of us to think hard I mean very hard.

    I commend you and Patti for doing that.

    Yes it is your decision, alone. Yes you may or may not come back depending on future policy reviews.

    I just finished registered yours.


  • deafchipmunk 16 years ago


    I mean

    I just finished registering yours


  • Ray S. Parks Jr. 16 years ago

    I completely agree with Joey in regard to his wish to wash his hands off DeafRead due to its lack of policy control. Vlog/Blog posters should not use ‘freedom of speech’ as an excuse for the ‘privilege’ of personal attack/ambush.

  • Sheri A. Farinha 16 years ago


    I’m extremely disappointed. As a leader of the vlog world, you of all people have the responsibility to help shape and make it a better one, more ethical and more accountable. The ugliness we saw this past week is not new. The anger you see displayed, has been carried over for a long time now. Target instead, the “why” and “how to’s” in terms of achieving the unity we all desire. I will never forget your New Year’s Day message, determined to keep things positive. Yes, shit happens, but when it does, it is how we deal with it and channel it to positive outcomes.

    Leaving you with one of my favorite quotes:

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” (Martin Luther King)

    Hang in there.

  • Response to Sheri A. Farinha (#99) 16 years ago


    You are not viewing the situation properly.

    Joey is doing exactly the RIGHT thing to help restore proper ethics on the blogosphere.

  • deafchipmunk 16 years ago

    Ray S. Park Jr

    Exactly, the Freedom of Speech is our precious and paramount gift. We are very lucky to have it. We need to treat it with respect.

    Freedom of Speech is not a thing but the concept or idea itself. Concept and idea can be destroyed or abused or misinterpreted easily if we do not take it accountably and responsibly.


  • Sheri A. Farinha 16 years ago

    “Everyone has a right – indeed, a duty – to disagree, to dissent, to rise up against an affront, an injustice or an injury. But for the fragile freedom of speech to survive, we must carry out that task with a firm attachment to fairness, principle and tolerance. When we give in to hostility, self-righteousness and vengefulness, we eventually find ourselves snapping and snarling at a shrinking number of inhabitants of the public square.
    Giving in to the speech mob means that discourse is diverted from the real issues to a sideshow on who is punished for uttering the “wrong” ideas or words. Dissent is dead if it can be hounded out of the marketplace so effortlessly. Democracy is no match for demagoguery if good people won’t stand up to mob rule.
    We must get past the idea that expression has no value unless it mirrors our own. We must learn to recognize ourselves not just in the faces but in the voices of others. We must find a way to see our own rights reflected in other people’s freedom.”

  • deb ann 16 years ago

    Deafchip explained it really clearly, and I’m in a complete agreement with him.

    I want to say something different this time. I’m so sad to see you and Patti to go, but but but I must say…you and Patti have been our hope as always. Come back and we all love you and Patti.

  • deb ann 16 years ago

    Deafchip explained it really clearly, and I’m in a complete agreement with him.

    I want to say something different this time. I’m so sad to see you and Patti to go, but but but I must say…you and Patti are our hope (as always). Come back and we all love you and Patti.

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago


    Again, thanks for sharing your insight on this situation. I need to emphasize that my door is not locked. More on that with my “follow up” vlog I just finished and will post it this afternoon. You all are great!


  • observer 16 years ago

    I hope you stay away for quite awhile, Joey. I think your and Patti’s departure really shook people and started more healthy discussions.

    If you announce this afternoon, tomorrow, or next week that you’re back, it will ring very hollow and it will lose meaning.

    In other words, I think your leaving DR was necessary. You need to stay off for a while – a good amount of time, until changes are made AND bloggers/commenters are generally courteous, even when they disagree AND time shows that DR is consistent with the changes it implements.

    Food for thought, I hope, Joey.

  • Mark M 16 years ago


    Just a simple message from me. I am glad you are still v/blogging. In a way I am glad you left DR which shows me the kind of person you are .. very wise. I understand this is your personal decision and I do solemnly respect your decision all the way. I would totally understand if you change your mind about coming back to DR or….not. Take a breathe and enjoy your life!

  • Jean Boutcher 16 years ago


    Wherever you go, I am with you all the way! 🙂 Do not give up your ship. I have not either.

    I would like to share my comment posted on Durr’s blog with you as follows:

    “I was warned in 1996 by two Gallaudet deans for dissenting in a Deaf-L forum in regard to audism and the paternalistic mentality commonly practised by some faculty-staff members on campus. They gave me a copy of each of two complaints’ emails — one from a deaf “oral” staff member and the other from a hearing graduate student. The academic freedom, the deans pointed out, is not to be exercised off campus. I asked them what about the First Amendment outlining the freedom of speech. They said that in order to freely dissent I would have to resign. I declared Gallaudet’s practise “unconstitutional”. It is utterly inconceivable to obey unthinkably. Look at the world’s famous linguist Noam Chomsky: he freely dissents presidents, Congress, foreign affairs, ad infinitum; yet, he has never been fired from the M.I.T.

    “To Barb and DE, you have a right to demand to see the letters that were sent to your employers. You have to defend yourselves. You may file a complaint in the NAD’s law office. I am sympathetic with you in this regard.

    “Jean Boutcher
    Political – Peace Activist”

    Keep moving on. I know that you have the ability and the determination. 🙂

  • Ron Fields 16 years ago

    here goes the old saying: The pasture next to our fence is greener.

  • deafd 16 years ago

    Hi Joey, I am saddened to see you leaving DR but understanding where u stand. Stick to your own reasons!

    As for Brance Long: he claims that he doesnt have a degree. Well I disagree with him. He certainly has a degree in “People Skills” and in “IT”. His comment area is the only one that has a vlog.


    Both of you, you are my inspiration of DR today and yesterday.

  • Damn the Deaf 16 years ago

    Two words: CRAB THEORY

    If this has happened on deafread.com,then
    we are doomed as dying breed of our culture!

    Quiters don’t finish and becomes more than
    just cowards.

    Joey, you are a good man and just continue the misson. Quitting deafread isn’t the solution. Reconsider this or you’re setting an example allowing Crab Theory to control you.

    Do you want CDSF students to look up to you like that? That’s not showing a leadership on the deaf world. It takes a thick skin to be one of the leaders and that’s the prime example to show kids with strength and determination.

    Bent on it and kick some ass!

    Damn The Deaf

  • Moonbeam 16 years ago

    Hi, I am not a faithful Deaf Reader but have come in to check from time to time. I think you all are blowing things out of proportion. And, as much as I hate to say this, I also think you are immature to say you are quitting on the vision of the Deaf community, to say you are sick of particular people who are backstabbing your inner circle, to believe there is a reason for your existence. Just remember this- the collective unity is the only way to fight against bias and discrimination in society. If the Deaf community is divided in groups (through favoritism/bias/elite), we cannot fight for equality. Too bad the Deaf community is not able to reflect as individuals and as a group to pinpoint main problems (i.e., elitism at Gallaudet and beyond; favoritism and cronyism, narrow-mindedness, etc). Once the Deaf community acknowledges and realizes that it is practicing and implicating things in evil ways, we will then be able to come clean and start over but the most important thing is, get rid of cronyism, elitism, and favoritism. They are the reasons why the Deaf community is not making progress in the fight it has so long suffered.

  • Sandra Goldstein 16 years ago


    I respect your decision. Everyone respects anyone eventhough I disagree or agree with anyone’s decision.

    “Grease Nose” is on the Deaf vocabulary List. Most deaf people tend to have their grease nose to follow what other people do.

    Joey, you are the most popular Vlogger. You draw the largest number of the readers under deafread.

    Domino effect is an effect that other deaf Vloggers will follow Patti and you. It becomes a division, not a unity. That is another charactistic of the Deaf Way.

    Deaf people are very sensitive. They have to develop the thick layer of skin. Many deaf people enjoy stabbing on people’s backs. Some of them have many scars on their backs. The scars healed but the backstabbers want to continue stabbing and they have to stab on the same scars because they do not have a space to stab.

    We must accept constructive/destructive criticisms. Stand for a unity!!!!

    Look at the NAD! Many deaf people refuse to join NAD because NAD does not meet their needs. However, NAD still represents DEAF PEOPLE as whole no matter a member or not member of NAD.

    Look at Deafread! Yiou belong to DEAFREAD no matter you leave DEAFREAD. You still read DEAFREAD in order to read other Vloggers. Therefore you belong to DEAFREAD. You want to be disband from DEAFREAD. It is called a division.

    I respect your decision but I disagree with you to disband because deafread presented destructive criticisms.

    Another example… the magazine, The New Yorker…terrible cartoon about Ombama and his wife…One Congressman decided not to subscribe the New Yorker. the editors of New Yorker still stand for themselves. They have different perspectives of this cartoon. Same principle with Deafread. Some of deaf readers think it is okay while others think it is inappropriate.

    We must think of a UNITY!!!!

    I still enjoy your Vlogs!!!!!!

    Sandra Goldstein

  • Mishkazena 16 years ago


    I’ve thought a lot about this. It seem as far as I remember, DeafRead has always provided a diverse range of topics from all variety of Deaf people.

    Shortly after the birth of DeafRead, Unity for Gallaudet resumed and there were many debates in the aggregator. Later, DBC was established and discussions arose regarding its methodologies. Then unpopular bloggers were bashed as deficit thinkers. Controversies began with C.I. and oral deaf people. Now constructive feedback on DBC resulted in a lot of anger from the past.

    I was taken by surprise by the intense of anger. But I think this is probably the first time all kinds of deaf people were put together in an aggregator. Accepting the diversity among us turns more difficult than anticipated due to the clashes of cultural values, different backgrounds, and various communication methods. That’s to be expected.

    But something is happening. We are actually carrying a dialogue. Sometimes it gets negative. sometimes positive.

    How can we evolve and accomplish Deaf Unity if we don’t embrace the diversity and understanding among us? It’s like a marriage. At first sometimes the fights arose due to our differences and we need to learn to adjust to each other. Then after many years, it gets easier as we get to know our spouse very well.

    I think many people are aware that I’ve been attacked by some readers, but I’ve already developed a thick skin from elsewhere. This thick skin helped me during the Unity for Gallaudet where the opponents were brutal on me. I preserved because I believed in Deaf People.

    I still believe in Deaf People. I am hopeful everybody will learn to listen and tolerate each other better. Learning to hear the constructive feedback is helpful for us to be more responsive to the members of Deaf Community. A lot of people from different backgrounds enjoy watching your thoughtful vlogs.

    I’m speaking as an individual blogger, not as a DeafRead editor.

  • Gary Brooks 16 years ago


    I will remain to visit your site. I understand how you feel. Enjoy your summer!


  • KKGolf 16 years ago

    Dear Bro. Joey,

    I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree. From time to time I am a devoted subscriber to your vlogs/blogs. I want you to know that it does not sadden me to learn you are stepping out from Deafread due to petty actions from people. Because you make a new plan on your own so I join you again. I believe that I do not miss anything so far. I hope you agree with me. Go for it…

    I am looking forward to reading more of your vlogs, etc…

    Best regards,

    Your brother – KGGolf

  • Cynthia K 16 years ago

    Joey, I totally support you and Patty leaving DeafRead! It was so shocking to read some of the v/blogs on there. I can’t believe that people can sit there and bash each other. We don’t need a community of negativity.

    way to go!

  • Wayne Sinclair 16 years ago


    Good for you! Way to go! Your stand has made me feel good; an excellent sign of maturity which I have always known you are capable of possessing.


  • Ronald Boucher 16 years ago

    Brian, please get ahold of me. I’m on facebook!

  • Ronald Boucher 16 years ago


  • Cynthia K 16 years ago

    response to #112:

    to “Damn the Deaf”
    Sometimes you have to get rid of the weeds in order for the plants to grow. Choosing to leave DeafRead doesn’t make people weak, it lets people know what won’t be tolerated. staying with DeafRead without agreeing shows that the behavior is supported even if it isn’t.

    Think about that.


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