Los Angeles Tent City

The deaf people of Los Angeles could feel the “earthquake” from the epicenter, nearly 2,500 miles away, Gallaudet University. The protest rally held earlier today in Los Angeles symbolizes nothing but full support to our dearest folks, FSSA, for their continued struggle against social injustice that happened at Gallaudet University. FSSA, not the Board of Trustees, is our best hope for making Gallaudet a better university.


  • Teri 18 years ago

    A Way Super Cool Video! Peter Wolf! John M. Genie Gertz! What a wonderful assembly.

    Not even a hit of Ritchie 9.0 ! Why? Rivy People will stike tomorrow!

    We the Rivy fellows will be having a rally tomorrow night. I hope to see something speculating — regarding the future of turn of event(s)!

    Thank you, Joey for sharing the great documentary film. I will see what happens tomorrow at CSDR, and we will share with you.

    Rivy, we better get busy, and show we do care, too. Let hit the earth beyond 9.0!

    Come and show your support at CSDR tomorrow evening at 7 pm (Social Hall).

  • MikeS 18 years ago

    Typical L.A. show biz folks… big grin on my face. Luv it. 🙂

  • Carl Schroeder 18 years ago

    I love you guys!

  • tommy korn 18 years ago

    Hahaha! CHAMP!
    Loveeee John Maucere, hilarious! and Gertz, Cara McCllean, Lauren, Mayer etc etc.. GREAT to see them supporting!!!!! wowowow
    KEEP UP!

    (me still laff laff at this video, esp Maucere!)

    oh yes, Riverside.. DO something now!

  • George Sierra 18 years ago

    I am Gally alumni. I support FSSA. Go Gally. Keep up. George

  • June Prusak 18 years ago

    Wow! Bai! Champ!
    Inspiring!!! We in Chicago are trying to arrange Windy CIty Tent City.

  • Lidia Anorga 18 years ago

    That was wonderful to see! I support you all on this effort all the way from Miami Florida! Go! Go! Go!!!!

  • Jon Savage 18 years ago

    Good to see your smile face alll way from southern (San Diego)!

  • Christopher Brown 18 years ago

    Tayler – you da the boss!

  • Clint 18 years ago

    There’s a tent city some 300 miles east of Los Angeles that does not appear to be another Gallaudet protest camp; it looks like a military camp in the desert, with thick canvas sleeping quarters spreading out in a remote area of Arizona.

    The inhabitants, however, are not soldiers, but residents of an unusual, some say brutal, prison run by legendary lawman Joe Arpaio, called the toughest sheriff in the country. And, he’s awaiting Gallaudet’s Axis of Evil.

  • Stephen & Constance Hardy 18 years ago

    Way to go and keep your eyes on the prize!

    We love all of you also support your efforts 100%!

  • Irina M. Normatov 18 years ago

    Wow! It sure put a huge grin on my face!! From left to right!!! INSPIRING!!!

  • Linda 18 years ago

    I love how you presented! SMACK YOU FOR YOUR IDEAS! Thanks for your support!

  • S. Jo Reins 18 years ago

    Way to go!! Keep fighting!! Don’t give up! Imagine what our future generations would do without your fighting. Stay strong.

  • lUC mASCOLO 18 years ago

    You continue and We love all of you also support your efforts 100%!

  • Robert Duarte 18 years ago

    empower deaf world please stay stand up deaf american can do it the hearing will never belong on ourselves in god we turst 10 deaf commandent

  • Robert Duarte 18 years ago

    i happy to see deaf world have tent city at lord angeles. in 49 states will fast development they’re deaf world kick butt king jordan’s brain flea get out gally campus

  • Kari Lydersen 18 years ago

    I’m a reporter at the Washington Post midwest bureau in Chicago. I’m urgently seeking people in the CHicago area who are involved with organizing a tent city here; i heard there was one in the suburbs the other day and I see one reader posted a comment here about a possible tent city in Chicago? I think our story is actually for tomorrow’s paper so I’m sorry for the short notice but I wonder if anyone with information on a tent city in the CHicago area (including suburbs) could contact me at lydersenk@washpost.com. Thank you!


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