Gallaudet’s Accreditation Reaffirmed!

Good News! MSCHE reaffirms Gallaudet’s Accreditation!! I love it when people share good news, don’t you? Here is another great news from Gallaudet that their Accreditation has been reaffrimed! We’re proud of you, Gallaudet!


  • Mishkazena 16 years ago

    Yes, under the administration of Davila, Gallaudet worked very hard and did an excellent job. It’s very impressive, considering they have limited time to clean up the mess left by Jordan Administration.

    I also agree with you about the need to provide funds for supporting ASL research. ASL is one of Gallaudet’s strongest assets, but it’s currently underutilized.

  • Kh 16 years ago

    oh, that is great news… God bless many great people who work so hard and did great job for the benefits of ASL and English In gallaudet. congratulation!!!.. 🙂 thank you KH

  • LaRonda 16 years ago

    Hi Joey,

    That is good news! I’m sure Gally has been working hard, and Pah! It has paid off!

    I think it’s wonderful how you have used your influence and leadership through your vlog to suggest gally invests in the research of the benefits of early ASL. It fits nicely with the focus of DBC, NAD and those who support and know the benefits first hand. (Pun intended!) 😉

    ~ LaRonda

  • Kathleen 16 years ago

    Hi Joey
    It is great to see you again at your Vlog.Oh, it is wonderful blessing that Gallaudet finally got approval of academic accreditation. My sister, Dr.Sue Mather,PHd of ASl did alot of work to develop new courses for Gallaudet and attended many meetings to discuss about the needs of some impovements. I am so glad that her tremendous works actully paid off.
    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Kathleen Francis

  • CherylfromMA 16 years ago

    wonderful!!! great job!!!

  • Darryl Hackett 16 years ago

    The Davila Administration, faculty, staff and students deserve big pats on their shoulder to make our beloved university’s full accreditation approved by the MSCHE! As a Gally alumni, they have made e proud of them!

    Definitely, Gallaudet University needs an ASL research center so badly as I absolutely agree with MK about her comment on this issue.

    There is something that Gallaudet University needs and it is the Deaf Culture Center. Canada has their own Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto. Why can’t the U.S. have their own Deaf Culture Center?

  • Nick Vera 16 years ago

    Marvelous! Now, Gallaudet University is back to the normal business and serve exclusively on students for their prospective careers essentially. Absolutely, I agreed with you about their vital preservation of ASL Research for our future generations.

    Salute to Gallaudet! Thank you, Joey for making your great dynamic effort for our audience.


  • Lisa C. 16 years ago

    That’s great! My husband was very happy to hear a good news.

  • ASLisRisen 16 years ago

    Joey! Thanks so MUCH for sharing with us the HAPPY GOOD news from Gallaudet!! About time!!!

  • deafchipmunk 16 years ago


    That is a great moment for Gally! You are absolute right about investing ourselves in ASL for many purposes such as research, resources and many more. Yes I know there are so many opportunities and possibilities for ASL and other Sign Languages.

    WE need to shift our ways of thinking or should I say expand our ways of thinking as well.


  • Jerome Cain 16 years ago

    I am thrilled for gally! (whew!) Joey, thanks for the report.

  • Advocate4ASL 16 years ago

    Congratulations to Gallaudet! So happy to hear the good news!

    Joey, regarding Gallaudet to invest more dollars into the ASL research program, I think it would be good use of dollars if Gallaudet can create some kind of the “ASL-Therapy” model for all mainstreamed programs. You know how the mainstreamed programs offer speech therapy as well as for the listening sessions for deaf students. It may expand more opportunities for deaf professionals (perhaps ASLologists?) to work in the mainstreamed programs all over the country, along with the speech pathologists/audiologists, providing ASL-Therapy.

    “ASLologist”….. Wouldn’t that be neat?

    But first, we need to have the ASL be recognized and adopted as a language by the Congress in America. Has that happened yet?

  • Ginny M. 16 years ago

    Yes, yes, yes…we have a great number of good news this year! First of all, congratulations to our marvelous Gallaudet people for many hours of their unselfish and hard work to make Gallaudet a sophisticated university!
    1. Several ASL rallies occurred across the nation.
    2. 2008 CALED conference with its COOL theme, “Ripples of American Sign Language: Infinite Possibilities for Deaf Children.” Amazing keynote speakers and workshops based on ASL!
    3. DBC!!!
    4. NAD! that is all? No No…..
    5. Deaf Youth USA Camp in New Orleans!!….starting this week..just before NAD!
    and more to come! (2009 CALED conference)
    Let us continue working together and expect more victories!

  • arlene 16 years ago

    well said!!!

  • Anthony Jones 16 years ago

    “I just woke up, what happens?” wink! Congrats.

  • Robert Davila 16 years ago

    Joey: As always, you have done a nice job reporting on the recent good news we received from the MSCHE. Thank you for being a fair, objective and supportive advocate for the Deaf community. Bob.

  • Rachel Friedman 16 years ago

    Agee with you, hello again, I am Rachel working as a Paraeducator working with new Deaf students who are 3 to 5 years old in a Special Education at Public school. I will have a wonderful teacher who is internalized using ASL even though she is a Hearing teacher. I felt we will work fabulous job this year. I knew 3 to 5 years old is the most critical year for them to acquistie their language in both English and ASL. I will devote myself in their lives in ASL and English.. I am not a certified teacher but I will work with a certified teacher which we will end up a great team. Since I am Deaf and grateful for my 3 yeras experience as a student at CSDB before living in New Brunswick, Canada for 5 years. I knew it is my duty of giving their ability to access a better communication and education. grin! I SUPPORT for more researchers working on ASL language. AMEN!!



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