Super Bowl through Deaf Eyes

About time that this vlog is NOT about politics but an ASL report on the Giants’ biggest upset over Patriots.


  • David Martin 16 years ago


  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Yea – I already noticed two or three errors with my ASL! It is always good to watch myself and how to improve my ASL skills. We never stop learning!

    As for adding pictures, any video software will do the trick really. It can be done either with Mac-mini or a top powered computer from anywhere really.

  • J.J. Puorro 16 years ago

    THANKS for the reminder, Joey….


  • Dick Henley 16 years ago

    You are next Chris Berean of ESPN!!!!

  • Mike Gough 16 years ago

    You a Redskins fan!
    Good thing that NY Giants asst. coach turned down the Redskins job offer or you would be owned by these Giants fans!
    Go Go KC Chiefs!

  • Orkid 16 years ago

    Joey –

    I knew NY Giants will win the Superbowl by heart.

    I grew up in NY and I am not surprise that GIANTS
    players can play hard with sloppy hands.

    I knew the underdog can beat the BIG EGO NE

    Go NY GIANTS !!!

    (Jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on the coach – remmy on Oprah show, anyone???)

  • daveynin 16 years ago

    Yeah, Giants is NFC 5th playoff seed in and won through three away games in playoffs enroute to Super Bowl!

    Don’t forget in 2005-2006 Pittsburgh Steelers was 6th playoff seed in AFC, many people thinks other top seed can stomp Steelers away… and Steelers took care of their business – defeated their three home turf through Super Bowl XL (40)!

    I know Super Bowl XL is not great game for Steelers and Seahawks, and I do believe that Super Bowl XLII is the one of best and greatest upset in football mankind of history!

    Steelers Nation!

  • Judge 16 years ago

    It’s my pleasure to have the last laugh now.

    Take a look on my video…


  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Now that Peyton and Eli have lived up to their dreams, it’s time for the SF 49ers to roll upwards to a better finish next year with a new coaching staff that is very experienced.

    I honestly don’t want a repeat of the Mannings. I like seeing different teams going to the Super Bowl, except I am pretty selfish in the fact that I wish the Niners will go to the Super Bowl every year.

    Joey, nice reporting..Awesome catches, and two key throws by Eli.

    That’s championship football.

  • deafchipmunk 16 years ago

    I watched the game. It was champ! Thank God Giants won! My sofa was worn out in the last 35 seconds! WOW.

    I was surprised that I think Giants has its own very old trainer. He joined Giants in 1948 and still work as a trainer! It is 60 years! He must be in 80’s. I forgot his name.

    Thanks for your champ sport news!


  • todos la vie 16 years ago

    Wow, beautiful display of ASL and pictures. I think I’ll link this one to my classmates in the Deaf Ed program. This is a great example of modified signs. Woo hoo! Thanks again, Joey!

  • DT 16 years ago

    Hahaha, good clip, Mr. Baer; half-way thru it, I was anticipating a comparison of the game to the NAD/AgBell thing going on now. Lol….


  • Lane 16 years ago

    I knew Giants were wildcard with 6 losses but didn’t realize they reached SB after 3 or 4 away playoff games. That’s the toughest journey any teams could take. I remember before the Patriots’ first SB win, they were wildcard but not with 6 loses. Giants definitely in HISTORY book. Cool video editing.

  • Greg 16 years ago

    Hey Joey,

    You are a genuine man for owning up to the bet we had! Your vlog has exceeded my expectation. I especially enjoy the recaps as I never get tired of this.

    Yes, like David said, Im smiling from ear to ear and, like Phil said, the bragging rights is mine!


  • Mike Crago 16 years ago

    Hey, I enjoyed this video show. I think you ought to be a sports newscaster. I’d like to see more in the future. Thank you.

  • noreen 16 years ago

    im still upset that the pats lost 🙁

  • Jana 16 years ago


  • deafkathy 16 years ago

    If I own a Deaf ESPN, I would hire you to be our Deaf Sport Reporter, you did awesome job! 😀


  • Nick Vera 16 years ago

    Beautiful insight of elaborating the details of Super Bowl game!

    In 4th quarter, it was steamed and climax toward the cliffhanger finale.

    One or some commenters above just mentioned that you should be our sports reporter to elaborate the details of the world wide sports.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Have a good weekend.


  • coonass 16 years ago

    I love it, shows everyone how even “EXPERTS” can get it completely wrong. This is crazy, I just can’t picture ELI a super bowl champion. crazy. crazy awesome….

  • KC 16 years ago

    Remember that Super Bowl III NY Jets vs Balt. Colts, Jets were underdogs but they won like today Giants did won too our hearts!

  • James 16 years ago

    Don’t you forget that Giants won 11 striaght games on the road since lost to Dallas at Dallas home in first game. Glad that Giants played very well and beat new England……

  • Tim Mallach 16 years ago


  • Clyde Swartz 16 years ago

    I have watch on TV Super Bowl and Hard to Believe NY Giants beat N.E Patriots and Respect NY Giants can do it.N.E Patriots fail 19-0 and now 18-1 and Miami Dolphins still number one 17-0 since 1972.

  • Michael A Blackmore 16 years ago

    hi i like it for deaf read very cool anytime call e-mail ok thanks smile

  • Gulhan Kamile Kutlu 16 years ago

    I was never interested much in football for a long, long time. Not even at Gallaudet University. But I am beginning to like football better. What you signed (said) has hooked me to the game more, more… I gotta be a good ole American 😉

  • Henry Sanders 16 years ago

    LOL, boy, I was really cracked up and loving this Vlog. It’s so true that everyone and I would love to have you become a Sport Newscaster.
    We could have save a lot of money to invest for the Deaf television to broadcast throughout United States and the world to hear us. Since the Mexican have their own Broadcasting companies which I believe may be 3 or more. So why not we all send out emails, forums, blogs, vlogs to find a way how we can come up with our own Deaf broadcasting company.
    I felt that we have been put away that none of the Hearing realize we’re really out there among them. Also, we can even put all of the Deaf movies, television shows, commercials, how-to shows like Food Network, HGTV, Discovery Channel. Yes, I’m aware of the rating and the audiences across the nation isn’t enough, but, but… we can make a difference. We can put all Deaf community together along with CODA and ASL Interpreters in HUGE group that is could be a possibility of 2-5 million people, perhaps more if we could get others like in Canada and any country to support this. I understand about FCC and they needed to be aware that there are more Deaf people than they could imagine, plus everyone have cable of their own since using VP, computer and TV with closed caption. I would be glad to participate this support if anyone else will do it too. Shoo, even NAD can even have their own show to televise the meetings, events and so on. There are more Deaf filmmakers, writers, screenwriters, station technical personnel and so on that really need this. We should applaud to ASL Films production for every Deaf attention to come out to watch it in theaters.
    Why not we all do that, Joey? That way, AG Bell cannot say no to FCC and us because we need to stand up for our right. Look at Mexican community, they all stood up for their right and have their own Broadcasting companies.
    Even I have my Deafread blog website that others can look into. I don’t have very much blogs in there because I’ve been away for more than 6 months. I’m hoping everyone and I will subscribe each and every Deaf blogs to support each other like Ella M Lentz.
    Thanks for showing us this wonderful SuperBowl Vlog.

  • Henry Sanders 16 years ago

    Oops, forgot to give my blog website in case anyone would like to view it. I haven’t set up the Vlog yet, but will soon, thanks.

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    The pepsi commerical was showed BEFORE the game. If 97 million people watched the game, it is my wild guess that maybe 20 million watched the pre-game program and saw that Pepsi commerical. The number could be lower – we do not know.

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Angie Q- It was a beautiful comment you made. I wholeheartedly agree with you. The AGBell organization are losers. Literally.

    ASL reconciles the Deaf with the rest of society. More hearing ASL students, and more hearing people know one sign or two. It’s a beautiful alliance between the Deaf and Hearing worlds.

    AGBell is on an island by themselves. The ships that come, they leave because AGBell turns everybody off.

  • John 16 years ago

    Hello Joey, I watched ur speech about superbowl I feel wonderful. I am very soul of giants, New York cuz I was growing in New Jersey but I catched one sentence about how much gaints vs patroit 42 TIME games snice 1967. I dont think, it is 9 time games snice 1970, where u found information about it? please e-mail me

  • Ken Arcia 16 years ago

    Hey Joey, great job! I watched game too and very boring 1st 3 quarters. I was ready to change channel! But lucky I stay watch. That catch of ball on helmet was champ!! Great way to include still pictures explain that catch. Great concentration. Glad to see the team who EVERYONE thought would win…didn’t! I had two players on my Fantasy Football team on NY Giants so they helped me win championship this year too! Thanks Giants!


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